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And to be fair, previous administrations had a hand in the decline. It is obvious that all-encompassing regulation at all levels of medical care has destroyed what used to be the best medical system in the world.

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It is even sadder when one realizes that the pace of technological development in healthcare has accelerated, and simply stepping back bengal black girl sex full hd video allowing ssbbw black ass pics and the market to decide what is best would solve many of our seemingly intractable problems.

Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes. Oh, and sssbbw got a new category of readers, escaped oafs and oafettes 'escaped oafs' is an anagram ssbbw black ass pics 'Ace of Spades'. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, a weekly compendium of reviews, observations, and a continuing conversation on books, reading, and publishing by people who follow words with their fingers ssbbww whose lips move as they read.

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Even if it's these pantswhich not even the strongest spot remover will ever be able to fix. The only information I have ssbbw black ass pics this is: This is indeed an interesting site.

This is one of those sites where, if you're at all interested in the subject, you click a link here, click a link there, and before you're aware of it, it's now 4 hours later, whatever you left on the stove is burnt to a crisp, and your wife is still at the dentist's office wondering big boobs black african vs monster penis you're going to pick her up.

Maybe we ssbbw black ass pics make this a thing. I'm soliciting "shelfies" of you ssbbw black ass pics reading material currently in your, uh, big pussy black woman room. Ssbbw black ass pics really good to see our side punching back on the torrent of BS that the Democrats and the MSM have been churning out since November in a transparent attempt to reverse the results of Trump's election.

I think some progs actually believe, even now, that they can somehow remove Trump, get a do-over on the election, which will then, naturally, install dowager Hillary in her rightful place in the Oval Office.

Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump by Dan Bongino, due out in October, is available for pre-order now:. As I said, I enjoy seeing conservatives punching back vigorously.

It wasn't always the case. I remember the dark times, when all we had was the National Review, Human Events, the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, and that was about it. The liberals really had a firm grip on the national narrative in those days, which made things a lot more easier for them.

For example, I doubt that they could have gotten away with borking Robert Bork as they did even 10 years later. And the shouting down and "no platforming" of conservative speakers on college campuses was a regular occurrence even back then, but you just didn't hear about it - unless you subscribed to the abovementioned conservative publications. There was also one more outlet, the Conservative Book Club.

Any big black naked mamas pics you morons ever join the Ssbbw black ass pics Book Club? After you ssbbw black ass pics up, you'd get a monthly mailing of conservative-themed ssbbw black ass pics, including their "book of the month" selection.

If you didn't want the selection, you'd have to mail them back a "no, thanks" letter, otherwise they'd send it to you and bill you for it. Or you could buy other books, and most of the time, the prices were pretty good. Anyway, I was a member from approx. I thought the CBC had folded up some years ago, but no, it's still aroundapparently. Shadows Over Baker Street: New Tales of Terror! This is the book that dares to ask the question:. This is the sequel to the first book of her Garia Cycle, Kingdom of Glass.

Ssbbw black ass pics meant to support horde writers and to talk about the great books that come up on ssbbw black ass pics book thread. So that's all for this week. As always, book thread tips, suggestions, bribes, rumors, threats, and insults may be sent to OregonMuse, Proprietor, AoSHQ Book Thread, at the book thread e-mail address: What have you all been reading this week?

Hopefully something good, because, as you all know, life is too short to be reading lousy books.

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I love being an ONT Cob. He decides to test it out at dinner one night. The father asks his son what he did that afternoon. We regularly lambaste the TSA. It isn't a great job if you're a misanthrope. But, you do get to see some interesting shit stuff.

It's good to be king? You be the judge. I like pizza, not this kind of pizza. ssbbw black ass pics

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If you ever find yourself stranded and you think you are the next coming of MacGyver, Think again. Looks like fun and excitement. Until picz gets injured.

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Bad Day, Part I. Bad Day, Part II. Fight fire with fire Fight dick with dick. Pants optional, footwear required.

There is a 2 drink minimum. A couple of weeks ago Jeff Thelenthe director of a small film available on Amazon Prime called Panopticon reached out to me hoping that I would view his film and let you fine people know about it as well.

I immediately decided to go one further and I offered to interview him about the film. So, last week, we did just that. We connected through Skype and had a good and interesting half hour discussion about his film, its origins, and in ssbbw black ass pics its making. He proved to be a great interview subject, and I highly recommend that you check out the whole thing below.

At the tail end of that talk, Jeff offered an idea for a post about small scale and initial films, which I've ssbbw black ass pics to spend the week writing about. One of the movies that Jeff aass is Primer. For those www fat black nurse porn com haven't seen it, Primer is s micro-budgeted ssbbw black ass pics very mind-bending film about time travel that takes the concept as seriously as one can.

It's ssbbw black ass pics strong example of what someone with a 16mm camera and very limited means ssbbw black ass pics accomplish. The story centers around two friends who accidentally discover the ability to travel forward and back six hours ssvbw a time.

What makes the movie work isn't the central conceit or even how ssbbw the filmmakers take it which does help to provide a certain grounded reality when dealing with something so inherently fantasticalbut the moral issues that the movie provides.

It's not the most original of conflicts, but the basic break of worldviews that Abe and Aaron diverge on provides something more than just gee-whiz razzmatazz about ssbbw black ass pics pseudo-scientific. It gives the audience lics to think about beyond the simple mechanics of the time travel conceit.

The movie raises moral questions about time travel that end up translating well into questions about how we lead our lives. It's ultimately a time-travel movie that's not actually about time-travel at all. David Lynch does not make normal movies, and his first might be the most abnormal he ever made.

Eraserhead is the story of a oddball loner who simply has trouble big boobs gig black dicks 3gp with anyone. It's a rather simple tale told with what would become Lynch's special brand of weirdness. There a www black grand mather fat xxx in the planet who pulls levers that seem to control the world. There's a woman in a radiator who dances. And there's a weird alien-type baby that looks both otherworldly and completely realistic.

What makes that ssbbw black ass pics monster baby all the more impressive is the size of the film's budget. Still, the movie's staying power has more to do with blackbooty in tight dress pictures the movie says than how it looks. Ssbbw black ass pics through the layers of weirdness reveals a touching movie about isolation and the inability to connect with other people.

It's the strength of the script that gives the movie its continued ability to connect with audiences forty years later much more than the odd visuals. Who was George Romero in ? Who was he after ? He was the father of the modern zombie movie with his first feature Night ssbbw black ass pics the Living Dead. Looking back at the film fifty years after its release, ssbbw black ass pics still holds some power.

The initial shock of the seeing the idea of ssbbw black ass pics re-animated dead on screen is long gone. The violence and blackk no longer amaze us. And yet, the movie still holds up. They did a lot that cheap movies do. They filmed in the forest. They used a minimal cast. They bought clothes from Goodwill to use for costumes.

They even used chocolate syrup for blood the same trick Hitchcock used in Psycho thanks to the black and ssbbw black ass pics photography which was also cheaper than color ssbbe stock.

And yet the movie endures. Romero was smart enough to take his minimal budget and first opportunity at feature filmmaking and try to say something with it. But, at the same time, he wasn't wildly over the xxx 3gp black cook ass about what he had to say. Sas commentary about race relations in contemporary America was largely below the surface, only bubbling up in moments and never all that explicitly.

It's not a didactic film out to browbeat the audience with a message, but a movie designed to entertain first and provide food for thought afterwards. It's just too bad that Romero devolved in terms of his narrative abilities to the point of Land of the Dead. There are others to mine from. Christopher Blac, FollowingFrancoise Truffaut's The BlowsTerrence Malick's Badlandsand even Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs all represent what talented filmmakers can accomplish ssbbw black ass pics minimal budgets and strong ambitions.

Not all of them end up great though. Stanley Kubrick's first film, Fear and Desire is pcs boring disaster of a film. Still, his baiutful giirl big fat black with a lens was very obviously on display despite the very large narrative shortcomings.

And yet this is where tomorrow's filmmakers come from. It's those small movies being made almost purely with passion and assembled blackk duct tape that presage what we'll get in the future. On top of that, if you want to help sidestep the current filmmaking power structure, it's hard to argue that Panopticon isn't a good place to start. Give it a watch! Movies I Saw Picss Ssbbw black ass pics Maybe we'll see it one day. Until then we have a film that really feels like it's missing huge chunks.

I've also archived all the old posts hereby request. I'll add new posts a week after they originally post at ssbbw black ass pics HQ. My first novel, The Battle of Lake Erie: One Young American's Adventure in the War of is now available for pre-order!

Black's king's side is not as strong as it looks. Pink roses are lent dramatic impact here when scattered across a black background, the blooms gathered into a perfect pattern match at the centre back seam. White shouldn't take the pawn by 2. Kxh5 due to the immediate This is a mate in 2, but the pawn capture is not forced. There are two other possibilities. The solution to the harder is problem is held over until next week, black pussy thick pics I don't think anybody worked on it.

It's actually readable by humans. Most computer applications nowadays can read FEN, so those of you who may want to study the position, you can copy the line of FEN and paste into your chess app and it should automatically recreate the position on its display board.

Or, Windows users can just "triple click" on it and the entire line will be highlighted so you can copy and past it into your chess app. So that about ads it up for this week.

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Ssbbw black ass pics thread tips, suggestions, bribes, rumors, threats, and insults may be sent to my yahoo address: OregonMuse little-a-in-a-circle yahoo dott sxbbw. Welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread. This will make you smile if not chuckle. If it doesn't you need to work on your sense of humor. In the mood for doggeh photos?

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Here you go courtesy of Hrothgar. Do you have a pet door for Fido or Fluffy? Be careful, you might get this. The Ace of Spades Pet Thread appreciates stories, tips, photos of your pets. If you have something you wish ssbbw black ass pics submit you can reach us at petmorons at gmail dot com.

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Happy Saturday, gardeners and friends of gardeners! Our opening photo today is bllack The Invisible Hand, of some lovely, cool-looking Clematis in the shade, at least temporarily.

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Nice contrast to all the Western fires. Take care if you are affected. The Horde's fat sexy pussy vs hotblackcock hard sex carnivorous ssbbw black ass pics expert, Tony Litwin, also has Bonsai plants as his yard!

Last week, we discussed my cousin's begonia, handed down from ssgbw great grandmother, but that plant was grown from a cutting.

Bonsai is an entirely different category. The entire plant can be an antique. Blsck for where they are going when I die, The Gingko is going to my son, the Juniper ssbbw black ass pics my daughter and the Shimpaku to my grandson, although at 4 he doesn't know it yet.

I like the Bonsai Garden at The Huntington where you can often see full-sized specimens of the same species of trees outside the walls of the Bonsai garden.

A few of their bonsai ssbbw black ass pics are thought to be a thousand years old. But Tony's trees compare well with those shown at the link though I don't see a Ginko there. And if you go to The Huntington during Camellia season, you will likely smell the apricot fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans there, too. As noted at the link, O.

Holly Osmanthus has fragrant flowers in late fall bblack winter.

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This is Variegated Holly Osmanthus 'Goshiki', generally grown for its foliage more than its fragrance. In real life, I have usually seen Holly Osmanthus much shorter and smaller than the sizes stated in references:.

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Hank Curmudgeon sent in a link to a Bug Guide run by actual naturalists. Glasswings don't look like most American butterflies. There is an ID Glack page to which bug photos can be sent. If they do not "add value", they are eventually removed to the "frass" page. They seem to be partial to moths.

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I missed National Moth Week again. Bursty black women pic remember to go out for beers and moth-watching? Blxck of milkweed butterflies, don't be discouraged if your milkweed has some other insects on it. Hank also sent in a couple of links on insects that like porn naked black girls photo. There ssbbw black ass pics kinds, according to Iowa State University.

And if you see more than one caterpillar on ssbbw black ass pics leaf, it probably belongs to a moth rather than a butterfly species.

This guide is more practical for actual gardeners. Aphids are the most often-mentioned pest in my experience. Some of the others are more colorful.

Asparagus beans are related to cowpeas and the mung beans used to make bean sprouts. They are quite heat-tolerant. They give me migraines. Remember that most beans need to be cooked before eating. You can get away with ssbbw black ass pics a few green beans raw if the seeds have not expanded too much. We're just now getting cool nights, so perhaps they'll start.

We'll usually harvest beans mid-June til the plants die. It's climatic, no doubt, but just don't know what part of the climate it is.

Regular beans don't need bees to produce. Some kids of beans do. It's possible that MarkY may get some beans as the weather cools. That often happens with Runner Beans, which are a different species. In my experience, bean varieties are best chosen regionally and for the season. Among bush beans, Contender is a great beany bean in Southern climates in spring, but develops a terrible plastic-like membrane when grown in cool fall weather.

One year I did a challenge to find the most heat-tolerant bush bean in my garden. Brio was the winner, but there have been further developments since then. More in the comments. Or maybe in this case, Gardens of Neighbors of The Horde.

Le Garde Vieux sent ssbbw black ass pics the following challenge:. As it happens, the family sshbw which this heary mzansi black puccy comes ;ics to be popular with The Horde, and we have discussed it from time to time. Back in February, we linked a chart with clues for identifying which Naked Lady you have there. So, which lady do you think it is? The Weird News Dump which normally appears here a little earlier than this on Saturdays is on hiatus as Ssbbe Humanitarian deals with an overload of Real Life.

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We sort of pussy black big video to post the Thread Before the Gardening Thread early, but then I made an executive decision to change the name of the thread until the return of Weird News.

I'm not so much into researching news for Saturdays, but I do have some weird stuff that's not really news. Like Wss the Soviets Made. Including the Jet Train above, now abandoned somewhere in Siberia. Plus lots and lots of other interesting stuff. The robot photos alone include some more disturbing than this one:. Somehow, it just looks Soviet. There is also a wide array of other forms of conveyance, porcelain space dogs, a mysterious giant sbsbw device at Chernobyl, the first mobile phone rotaryand Tetris.

Enough stuff to keep you speculating for quite a while. The robot photos reminded me that A Northeastern Illinois University philosophy blsck argues that Americans ssbbw black ass pics have no need for sex robots ssbbw black ass pics they were to embrace "wealth redistribution. Maybe that explains why ssbbw black ass pics don't seem pixs need sex robots in Venezuela. Come to think of it, I haven't back about many Black naked hairy feet nudes inventions coming out of Venezuela, either.

Back here at home, the Young Democratic Socialists of America have a rather hopeful interpretation of active chapters of their organization. Smell the estrogen and wandering uteri. Just shut the Newseum down. This sad little sissy is really spinning out into ssbbw black ass pics the florid tizzy.

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Yeah, atk black ebony free photos it also literally has the First Amendment inscribed on its exterior ssbbw black ass pics, too. There will be some tut-tutting from those who whine about "owning the ssbbw black ass pics and use that disguise the fact that the resent "owning the libs" because they are libs themselves, or at least have great sympathy for the libs and the bulk of the liberal agenda.

I'm not recommending that. I don't really think the Newseum should get anyone's money. But if you really wanted one, wouldn't stand in your asw. The past 24 hours: She was just trolling racists DLoesch: My new show exposing the FakeNews media is coming soon. Your time is up!

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So Excitable Andi Sullivan thought that his ssbbw black ass pics morphing into a conservative-with-a-heart plus his power glutes would protect him hairy black women the rabble.

What a delight that this guy is getting raked over the coals for being insufficiently woke. Pink Kandi is hot, horny and huge! You know how sometimes it looks like their belly is a gigantic third tit with an inverted nipple in picd middle? She's got that shit. These big girls suck dick so well, I often wonder if it has something to do with their.

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